Types of Lightning and Lightning Strikes

There are many different types of lightning.  Lightning strikes come in all kinds of different forms.  Below is a list and definitions for various types of lightning strikes.

  • Cloud to Cloud Lightning – when lightning travels from one cloud to another cloud it is known as cloud to cloud lightning.
  • Cloud to Ground Lightning – this is very common, when lightning travels from a cloud and strikes the ground or an object on the ground.
  • Ground to Cloud Lightning – this is less common, when lightning travels from the ground to a cloud.

The above list are the types of lightning strikes.  Now let’s explore different kinds of lightning.

  • Normal Lightning – common lightning.
  • Sheet Lightning – normal lightning that gets reflected in the clouds in the air.
  • Heat Lightning – heat lightning is normal lightning that gets reflected in high clouds near the horizon.
  • Red Burst Lightning – This occurs above storm clouds near the stratosphere and can reach a few miles in length.
  • Ball Lightning – this scary form of lightning occurs in a ball of fire that can burn things in its path before burning out.
  • Blue Jet Lightning – blue jet lightning occurs in a cone shaped burst with a blue appearance.  This occurs above storm clouds and races toward the stratosphere at high rates of speed.

Now that we’ve covered different types of lightning and lightning strikes we will begin posting pictures of lightning and lightning strikes.  Check back often for updates as we add new pictures of lightning.